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.Net Services

We provide .Net services with the help of a web server using standard web protocols such as HTTP and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

It is also ensured that asynchronous communication for the XML application is provided for the benefit of the users. The users need not have to depend on the local operating system when .Net services are used.

The best thing about the service is that you can get your websites or mobile apps without worrying about security as high-quality security is added using .NET services.

MS SQL Services

WayChangers focus on providing SQL services using the C# language. Generally, 5 types of SQL services are provided but we emphasize Database Engine and reporting services. Besides all the services, integration and compact edition are used here.

By using SQL services, data can be stored and managed in a better way. Besides database engine and Reporting services, compact edition is also used to form mobile applications.

If it is required to convert the data from one format to another, integration services using MS SQL will be used. We ensure that there will not be any repetition or duplicity of data in our services.

Azure Services

We have chosen Azure services keeping in mind several benefits of this. The very easy learning curve is used in Azure services and hence is it becoming so trendy all over the world.

Azure cloud computing services serve the users as a universal identity platform. We prefer Azure cloud computing services as it provides security services with Azure API management.

Users can pick and choose from all types of Azure services to develop and scale new applications or run the existing applications in the public cloud. High-performance services are provided using Azure services.

Angular Services

WayChangers use angular services to develop high-quality websites and mobile applications. Component-based architecture is provided which ensures a higher quality of code.

If you wrap your business services in a reusable angular service, you will not only get better components but also get more benefits of reusability.

We are the best in the market as well-defined goals can be achieved by the business organizations using angular services which we provide.

Backend services can be managed using angular services. High performance can be surely expected as angular services are used by our highly-skilled professionals to develop mobile applications and websites.

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